Our Core Values

Vienna Canal


Fairness goes beyond a fair, affordable price.

We act and handle our partners, customers, suppliers or stakeholders responsibly, with sincerity and honesty. We take care that all craftsmen or -women working at our suppliers’ premises do enjoy fair working conditions and social standards.


Besides our social concerns, we are also aware about our planet material scarcity. While developing new products, we try to integrate this constraint and we often chose eco-friendly materials for their manufacturing (for instance, wood for our watchwinder’s frame) or develop components which are recycling-compliant.

We trust in partnership! 

In Partnerships we Trust

Occasionally, we love to develop new products together with partner brands or companies recognized for their knowhow in a particular field. And we love to blend their Savoir-Faire with our ideas. Sharing our knowledge and our respective corporate culture, we give way to new objects, new features. When associated, creativity grows exponentially.


While selling our products, we also rely on another kind of partners: experienced and customers-oriented, our official retailers are our brand best ambassadors. Selected watch-dealers or jewellers with an intensive Leanschi products’ knowledge, they are best capable for advising and serving you.