How to withdraw from contract | your right to change your mind and return good(s)

You have the right and possibility to withdraw unilaterally from the sales contract without any kind of reasons within a 14 days period following the merchandise’ receipt.

The merchandise is considered “received” if it has been received by you, or by a neighbor, a friend, a relative or by any person who received it on your behalf.

For making use of this right, simply return us the WITHDRAWAL form here-after to the following eMail-address or send us an eMail informing us clearly about your will to withdraw:






Upon its receipt, we would immediately send you a e-Mail confirmation stating that we have received your withdrawal notification.

To withdraw, you have a legally-binding time-frame of 14 days from the merchandise reception. To validate your withdrawal, it is enough to let us know your decision before this period expiry.

Consequences from a withdrawal 

Should you withdraw from the sales contract and transaction, we have to refund entirely the payment we received from you during the order transaction (including shipping charges). We must refund you within 14 days following your withdrawal notification’s receipt.

Duly note that transportation costs exceeding our standard shipping charges (extra insurance, express delivery…) which have occurred expressively on your behalf will not be refunded (for their parts exceeding the standard costs usually charged for such delivery).

For your REFUND, we will use the same payment mean as the one you used for passing your order; except we expressively agreed upon another refund / payment mean with each other. We will never charge any fee for this refund.

However, we are entitled to delay or refuse this refund / payment for as long as we have not received the merchandise back or the proof it has been shipped back to us.

You must return the goods / merchandise back to us with no delay and within the 14days period delay following the date of withdrawal notification.

The shipping address for returning the merchandise / goods:

Hauergasse 12


Shipping costs for returning the goods / merchandise are to be supported by you. 

The merchandise has to be sent back together with its original WHITE cardboard packaging, and must be packed properly to withstand the shipment.

Damages which may have occurred due to an improper handling, insufficient packaging or due to improper use will be charged to you / deducted from our refund. Note however that unpacking our goods for checking contents and functioning cannot and will not be considered as damageable. 

Never hesitate to contact us for further information.