Who we are

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The Superfluous is Essential“ – Voltaire, French Philosoph

The LEANSCHI brand is the result from an aspiration; an aspiration for refine and smart personal accessories, suitable for daily use. Those accessoires would be much enjoyable thanks to their superior features and their clear-cut, contemporary design. They get decently out of the crowd, yet remain discrete and accompany their owner through their life’s journey…

Items you would not necessarily need; but products with a genuine usability.

And certainly accessories you would love to use, or to call your own, simply because they make your life nicer, look prettier or make you feel smarter.


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Our team, our dream

Nothing is as irresistible as an idea which time has come” – Victor Hugo, French Essayist

Our team members have been involved in the luxury trade, in the retail field, marketing or communication for many years. Valuing beauty and creativity, we fell in love with accessories a long time ago. Meanwhile, we also realised that a refine, authentic product with premium functionalities does not necessarily need to cost a fortune.

Looking for the “perfect” universal accessories brand to sell, we found… none*.

This was the time we started to dream about one; about the brand’s design or its products’ specific features. Years on, driven by frustration, by ambition or sheer accessories’ fondness, we caught ourselves engineering new gear, discussing new functions, alternative materials, discovering competent industrial partners… And remembering about the many valuable distribution partners we had experienced over the last two decades all around Europe.

It was the time when that momentum grew so steady and irresistible that it could no more be stopped. It has been on the eve of Christmas 2015… Soon after our team members were working on a business plan. There was no plan B, just a plan A. Or better said a plan "@". LEANSCHI was just born; at least on paper…

End of 2017, the brand’s mother company, LEANSCHI & Partners Ltd got finally registered in Vienna, Austria: a very fine place for working on refined accessories, indeed.


*Actually, we found quite a few “perfect” brands which deserve our respect. Perfect because of the wonderful products they manufacture. Yet, most of them are too specialised in their field to clearly qualify as “universal” accessories players. As many of their products are just overwhelming, we even decide to sell some of them on this website too.


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Our Ambition

Ambition is enthusiasm with a purpose” – Frank Tyger, American journalist and cartoonist

We want to provide our customers desirable, enjoyable, authentic products they would cherish for their usability and design; distinctive, remarkable yet discrete items they can afford and would be pleased to purchase.

 We want to gradually widen our products’ offer to make it even more attractive, more tempting, or compelling. Making ultimately out of LEANSCHI a fine, UNIVERSAL accessories brand.

 We want to make our partners comfortable with our ambition and confident in our capacities. Fair and always authentic, down to earth, we ambition to deliver to all our stakeholders or clients the best possible value and, first of all, really great items: fine accessories, indeed.