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As a very young brand, LEANSCHI RETAILERS’ network is only nascent.

However, every month, a few authorised dealers are added to the list. As such, we recommend to have a fresher look every time or so for an update.

If you don’t find any official retailer in your area, you can buy online as we deliver EU-wide (European Union) and to Switzerland only (for other countries, pls contact us); or you can also speak to your home jeweller and suggest he contacts us for a dealership application.



Authorised LEANSCHI dealers are carefully selected jewellers or watch-specialists offering a representative mix of LEANSCHI items directly in their stores. They have profound products knowledge and enjoy close ties to our organisation. They can provide first class advice and organise fast any LEANSCHI item they may not have immediately on their stock.


We do appreciate our dealers’ key-role as brand ambassadors and partners.
We have been working with some of them even previously, for a long time. We can recommend any of them as they all deserve our and your confidence.

PREMIUM DEALERS have a wider LEANSCHI products offer on display in their store and consequently a wider choice for you to choose from. You can also pick-up your ONLINE order from one of those PREMIUM STORES free of shipping charges.

For a better, faster service, we recommend you to always visit your nearest LEANSCHI DEALER store.

With the following STORE LOCATOR, you will find the LEANSCHI dealers we trust in your region.


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