Cufflinks, old-fashioned? Far from it: everything is just a question of style!

Style, relatively to cufflinks, is certainly a question about their design. However, there is more than their design involved. It is also about their wearer’s attitude, his own style, the style he wants to convey, the message he wants to pass. A cuffs wearer is not anybody. A cuffs wearer is a personality who carefully thought about wearing them, somebody with something on its mind… and on its agenda.

More prosaically: We are convinced that stylish and beautiful cufflinks are not worn because etiquette demands it, but because they are the ultimate refinement of the modern gentleman outfit. Wearing a pair of cufflinks is a strong sign to the outer world.

Cuffs give the strict look a touch of fantasy and the necessary portion of personality. And they are especially trendy in summer when shirts are worn without a jacket and enhanced with cufflinks.

Do not believe you have to wear a tuxedo to use cufflinks!

At LEANSCHI we design nice-looking, ahnd-crafted cufflinks to match your dress, your mood or your ambitions. It’s up to you if you want to wear them in a casual or a more assertive way: you just have to choose the right DESIGN to match your STYLE, your message.

As the saying goes, a cufflinks wearer seldom has a single pair.
What kind of cufflinks wearer are you? Discover your style and stroll our collection.

Discover LEANSCHI cufflinks.

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