Gorgeous cufflinks from natural, hand-made horn

To produce those stunning cuffs ( https://bit.ly/3QqdS4K ), Leanschi has partnered with one of the last remaining Austrian artisans manufacturing horn handcrafted accessories: the Petz Horn Manufacture, located in Vienna 15th District and founded 1862. The company is known to European connoisseurs for its fine hand-framed cutlery, sunglasses and jewellery-pieces.

Leanschi’s discerning design and Petz’s skilful crafts have symbiosed to give birth to one-of-a-kind rose-goldened silver cufflinks with beautiful horn inserts.  Each pair of cufflinks are unique- the range in colours amazing: from milky white to deep brown. Those cuffs are perfectly matching round, delicately shaped. Horn is undoubtedly a beautiful, lively, warm material with many different facets, ready to match your style and mood.

More good news for all connoisseurs and lovers of fine materials and beautiful things made out of horn: Petz Manufacture has recently opened its second boutique in Austria, this time in Vienna, in the Westbahnstraße 7 (in Neubau, Vienna’s 7th district).

Go there to discover the whole variety of Petz Horn products...https://www.petz-hornmanufaktur.at/pages/store-wien

Our silver, rose gold alloyed HORN cufflinks can be found in the "Cufflinks" product group: https://www.leanschi.com/en/leanschi-products/cufflinks/

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