Inspiring Brands and Products

“To survive, species are evolving”   Charles Darwin, Naturalist

There is no doubt Darwin was right.

However, we at Leanschi think that today, evolution is simply not enough: COLLABORATION, with similar-minded brands is the key to deliver superior products and services. Synergies and mutual inspiration lead to better output.


The following brands once inspired us… or simply still do.

Some of them are even actively involved with the production of some of our Leanschi products. In this part however, we rather pay tribute to them and present some of their very own creations.



ELIE BLEU – a French ultimate cabinet and humidor-maker

Elie Bleu Manufacture Elie Bleu Manufacture
Elie Bleu Manufacture Elie Bleu Manufacture


A French cabinet-maker specialized in fine Humidor manufacturing, Elie Bleu is “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”, a label granted to some rare companies excelling in some exceptional crafts and techniques.


This Paris-based company astonishes its clients through daring wood marquetry-feats and bold, refreshing design out of dozens different natural veneers; among them the ubiquitous Canadian sycamore in various vibrant colours. Its “CHE GUEVARA” series in the late 2000s were collectible items searched the world over and often limited editions; whereas its ALBA or MEDALS lines are timeless classics keenly appreciated by cigars smokers.


Many of the craftsmen or women at Elie Bleu are coming from the famous école Boulle for applied arts. A true partner, Elie Bleu has developed for LEANSCHI various items you can find while strolling our range of products.


Here, we solely focus on one recent addition to the Elie Bleu universe: a selection of LIGHTERS, a product-category introduced on the occasion of the company 40th anniversary.


Elie Bleu


UNDERWOOD(London) – Inventor of the first modular watchwinders

Underwood - Inventor of the first modular watchwinders

Initially a fine British leather products retailer based in Picadilly, Underwood(London) turned Italian in the 1990s and revolutionised  the nascent watch-winders’ market by introducing the first ever fully modular winding system, the ROTOBOX© more than 20 years ago.


The ROTOBOX has inspired many of followers in the watchwinders industry: from SWISS KUBIK to CHRONOVISION over SPIN-R, they all embraced the unique modularity introduced first by UNDERWOOD(London), yet barely improved Underwood’s original concept. Coming to age, yet still unique in its compactness, the ROTOBOX watchwinder is one from the quietest on the market and its high-end motors are also practically free from any disturbing magnetic-induction.


UNDERWOOD(London) can also pride itself as being the manufacturer for some of the finest full-fledge leather storage solutions and boxes available out there: near perfect smooth calf-leather outside, high-end microfiber Nabucca suede inside, impeccable stitching and everything entirely made in Tuscany. Underwood(London) is definitely a very fine brand which would deserve a stronger retail presence.


Underwood (London)